Evelyn Lozada and Her Family Await News About Her Pregnancy

Season 1 Episode 101
Aired on 07/11/2015 | CC tv-14
Six weeks into her third pregnancy, Evelyn Lozada learns that her hormone levels are dropping, and there's a chance she could miscarry the baby. On the day of an important photo shoot, Evelyn goes in for further testing and decides to await the results at home. While she's in no place to smile and pose for a photographer, she urges her daughter Shaniece to do the shoot on her own.

Shaniece puts on a brave face, but it's hard to mask her concern. "In the back of my head, I'm really nervous that my mom hasn't called yet," she says. "I hope my mom is okay."

While Evelyn waits for the doctor to call, she plays her with 1-year-old son Leo. "I look at Leo, and I'm thankful for him," she says. "He makes me feel happy. So me playing with him is a way to cope with everything that's going on."

Watch the above video to find out what happens when Evelyn finally calls Shaniece during her photo shoot.

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