Black Elders Offer Words of Wisdom to a Younger Generation

Season 4 Episode 410
Aired on 11/12/2016 | CC tv-14
With their journey in the House of Healing completed, the men have come together to participate in a symbolic ceremony marking their transition into their new lives. As part of the African-inspired ceremony, Iyanla has gathered a "council of elders" to share their wisdom with this younger generation.

Actor Louis Gossett Jr.
"There's one sentence: There's no such thing as impossible. If you shoot for a 10 and you get a 5, don't be worried because that's five more than you had when you started. Now shoot for another 10."

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith
"I would remind you that you volunteered to be here. Not only here with sister Iyanla, but you volunteered to be here on this planet at this time in human history. You chose to be here so that you could unleash your gifts to make a mighty difference before you leave. So, you didn't come to complain and bemoan what was going on in the world; you came to be an answer to what's happening on the planet."

Spiritual Leader Eduardo Reed
"I am honored to be here in your company. The courage and conviction it has taken for you to get to where you have come to today gives all of us strength. Thank you."

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