Former WNBA Superstar Chamique Holdsclaw: "I Am a Motherless Daughter"

Season 3 Episode 304
Aired on 08/17/2013 | CC tv-14
Chamique Holdsclaw is a former WNBA superstar and Olympic gold medalist trying to rebuild after a violent emotional outburst landed her in jail in 2012. Chamique was arrested after she took a baseball bat to her ex-girlfriend's car and fired a handgun through the door while her ex was in the car. She says the arrest uncovered old, unhealed wounds from when she was taken, at age 11, from her alcoholic mother, Bonita, and placed in the care of her grandmother. As Chamique shares the story of her past, Iyanla begins to wonder whether Chamique's outburst was directed toward her ex—or her mother. Watch what happens when Iyanla forces Chamique to confront a truth she has never admitted before.