Why These Brothers Resent One Another for Their Sibling's Murder

Season 5 Episode 506
Aired on 03/10/2018 | CC tv-14
On June 10, 2013, Miguel Mitchell was killed in a drug-related shooting, in front of his eldest brother, Michael, who was also shot. The murder devastated the Mitchell siblings—Michael and younger brothers Markis, Mikuel, Marvin and Melvin—all of whom had finally reconnected prior to Miguel's death after years of being separated by the foster care system.

The unanswered questions surrounding the fatal events that day have made it impossible for the surviving Mitchell brothers to heal their pain. Although Michael was present when the shooting occurred, his siblings feel as if they've never had clarity about what really happened, perhaps because of Michael's undiagnosed mental challenges. Markis in particular harbors anger and resentment.

In the video above, the brothers attempt to talk through the sequence of events that led to Miguel's death, but the discussion becomes heated as their anger takes over.

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