Why Men Use Sex to Get What They Want

Season 3 Episode 309
Aired on 09/27/2014 | CC
Iyanla wants women to understand how and why men use sex to get what they want, so she shows her audience how three men responded to that question.

Terence, a father of four children with two women, says most men don't take a woman's heart into consideration. Nathaniel, a man who has 28 children with 17 different women, says people may call him a womanizer, but the mothers of his children knew what they were getting into. "It takes two to tango, right?" he says.

Iyanla wants to know why women don't protect themselves in these situations. "It's one thing for us to need the person, the penis or the promise, but why do we have children?" she asks.

Watch as Chantau, one of the mothers of Jay's children, reveals her answer.

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