Why Iyanla Calls the Mitchell Brothers' Story "Horrible" and "Blessed"

Season 5 Episode 507
Aired on 03/17/2018 | CC tv-14
While working with five of the seven Mitchell brothers, all of whom were abandoned by their parents and neglected within the foster care system, Iyanla invites their father, Michael Sr., to participate in the healing process. Michael Sr. was never around for his sons as they grew up, but he is trying to be present now and take responsibility for his failures as a father. Doing this work has been an emotional journey for all of the Mitchell men, and Iyanla takes a moment with Michael Sr. to acknowledge the divine presence within their story.

"This thing is amazing to me. I don't think I've ever seen anything as ... horrible and as blessed," she says. "That you and the same woman would have seven male children, one right behind the other ... that they would be separated by the [foster care] system and then find each other. They didn't even know those were their brothers. And then, that they would find each other and they still have a connection to you and their mother. This thing is mind-blowing to me."

She continues, "That's how I know God is in it, and all y'all better get it together."

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