Siblings Realize They Resented Each Other for the Same Reason

Season 5 Episode 507
Aired on 03/17/2018 | CC tv-14
While the seven Mitchell brothers grew up in a total of 85 different group and foster homes among them, their older half sister, Kizzy, was raised in one home by their grandmother. Kizzy and the boys had little contact with each other and with their mother, Leronda, who had abandoned them all to smoke crack. Kizzy, however, believes Leronda still spent time with her sons, an assumption Iyanla quickly corrects by bringing in her half brother Markis to tell Kizzy the far different truth.

"She was never with us. ... She didn't come back to us, Kizzy," Markis says. "Do you know why this thing exists between us? Because, to me, she was with you. She got to spend all that time with you."

Kizzy appears unconvinced as Iyanla tries to help her make sense of her misplaced anger. "I am so mad at your mother because any woman that could birth seven sons, one right behind the other, and leave them in the street has not a clue about who she is as a woman. Doesn't have a clue," Iyanla says. "So, if she didn't have it to give to them—she didn't know who she was—there's nothing she had to give to you."

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