Trina Braxton's Ex, Gabe, Speaks Up About Her Abuse

Season 5 Episode 512
Aired on 03/31/2018 | CC tv-14
In the middle of working with reality star Trina Braxton and her ex-husband, Gabe, Iyanla senses that there is something Gabe is withholding from the discussion. Behind closed doors, Gabe reveals that he has experienced abuse within his 12-year marriage to Trina. Knowing that he can't heal what he won't speak, Iyanla encourages him to speak his truth to Trina for the first time, in what becomes an emotional sit-down.

"You resembled something that I was used to," Gabe says to Trina, "which is being belittled and bullied, pushed around."

Trina's eyes well with tears. "I didn't know," she whispers.

With Iyanla's coaching, Gabe finally speaks up about the painful ways he experienced Trina during their relationship, and Iyanla explains how unresolved childhood issues led Gabe to stay in the marriage as long as he did.

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