The Women Are Put to the Test at a Racially Charged Mixer

Season 4 Episode 402
Aired on 09/17/2016 | CC tv-14
As evening falls upon the House of Healing, the eight woman, who have been working intensely through their pain and anger, appear ready to put into practice everything they've been learning. To this end, Iyanla has arranged a cocktail party for the ladies, which will include a few surprise guests: four black men who date outside their race and four white women who only date black men.

This mixer is an opportunity for the House of Healing women to use their new tools, but it's also a challenge. Will the women conduct themselves appropriately? Iyanla watches from a monitor in another room as the party begins.

Lita and Koro seem to connect more quickly than anyone expected—including Iyanla, who senses that Lita still has more work to do to fully stand in her truth. Meanwhile, Lita's twin sister, Rita, has a tense discussion with 29-year-old Tyrone about black men not dating black women. "The reasons behind it are, like, stereotypical," Rita says coolly. "And I don't like that."

Like Rita, Jaimeka also uses the techniques she's learned to control her frustrations and speak calmly. In a private interview, Jaimeka opens up about seeing the black men surrounded by white women, and she poses the question she wants to ask them: "What did we do as black women to make you just want to date white women? Like, what are they doing that we aren't doing?"

In an effort to get her questions answered, Jaimeka speaks directly to one of the men, 28-year-old Bo. "Since they are so infatuated with y'all, do you think that you would treat a white woman better than you would treat a black woman?" she asks.

"I don't think you treat them better because they're white," Bo says. "It's the submissiveness. With them, you're the man."

Watch above to see how more of the party plays out, and hear Iyanla's take on how the House of Healing women conducted themselves.

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