The Shocking Home Video One Woman Had to See

Season 3 Episode 307
Aired on 10/17/2015 | CC
Iyanla travels to Chicago to help adult sisters Charese and Andrea, who have developed a mother-daughter relationship. Older sister Charese has had to leave her dreams behind to care for her sister Andrea, who she says behaves badly and drinks too much.

"I want her to grow up so I can have my life back," Charese says. "I don’t know if it's from the drinking or if it's just because she’s a very self-centered person, but my biggest issue with her is that she's not dependable with anything."

Charese says Andrea has always been her responsibility, since their mom was on drugs and incapable of taking care of either of them. Now that they're both fully grown, Charese is still acting as her full-time caretaker.

To get to the root of the problem, Iyanla sits down with Andrea, who says she does "drink a lot" but doesn't admit she has a drinking problem. Watch the above video as Iyanla confronts Andrea with a disturbing home video. Can Andrea finally admit that she has a problem?

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