The Reason Iyanla Explores Such Sensitive Topics on Her Show

Season 5
CC | tv-14
Iyanla often says that Iyanla: Fix My Life deals with trauma, not drama, and these various traumas are often centered on sensitive issues, such as molestation, abuse, neglect, death, loss and betrayal, to name a few. In helping her guests work through their traumas, Iyanla's goal is to illuminate a path toward healing—not just for the individuals on the show, but for anyone watching.

"So many of us ... have so many unhealed places in us," Iyanla says. "I think by revealing and exploring some of those wounds, issues, traumas openly on television and in a forum such as Fix My Life, that it gives people a deep breath."

In this digital exclusive, Iyanla discusses her intention with her show and how delivering information via a TV screen can lead audiences to find healing and have their own personal breakthroughs.

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