The Pastors Prepare for the Fight Ahead

Season 3 Episode 316
Aired on 09/26/2015 | CC tv-14
Derek and Mitchell are both gay pastors who are finally revealing their full truths.

Mitchell has been openly gay for five years now, but he is still married to a woman and hasn't told her the full extent of his affairs. Derek has just recently come out to his family, but he has not yet told his congregation.

Now, the two men are meeting for the first time. Iyanla introduces them so they can support one another as they reveal their truths and face any fall out. "I thought it was important for you to have someone up close and personal, in real life, to lay eyes on, as you walk through this journey together," Iyanla says. "And I think you also both know that this is prevalent throughout the church community."

Iyanla wants to know: How are they able to preach the gospel, when the gospel condemns their lifestyle? Watch the above video as the men address this question—and reveal if they're ready for the fight that might be ahead.

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