The Painful Words That Could Save Her Life

Season 3 Episode 301
Aired on 10/31/2015 | CC
Trevina and her mother, Margaree, are caught in a dangerous cycle of violence toward one another. As a child, Margaree cussed out Trevina and called her names in front of her friends. Their relationship is still in disrepair, and today, Trevina is continuing the cycle of hurt and abuse with her own daughters.

"What I need you to understand is that it's not working," Iyanla tells Trevina. "You have a responsibility to yourself to do better, because you have three other women that you're raising."

This family will be in trouble until they can be honest with one another and learn to control their rage. Watch the above video as the women open up their hearts, and Iyanla pushes Trevina to say the words that could save her life.

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