The Moment Taii Realized How Her Prison Sentence Affected Her Sons

Season 5 Episode 514
Aired on 09/22/2018 | CC tv-14
In the aftermath of her conviction on a felony drug charge, single mother Taii was determined to be strong for her young sons, whom she would be leaving behind to serve her prison sentence. Although they seemed to be holding themselves together in the lead-up to Taii's incarceration, when it came time to turn herself in, Taii looked at her boys and had a sobering realization.

"The day that it was time for me to turn me in, they woke up before me and they was sitting up on the bed, crying," Taii recalls, her voice breaking. "I never knew that they understood that I was really leaving and that they were going to feel it. Because they were so busy trying to protect how I was feeling because I had to be the one to leave, not realizing that they were really the ones that gonna be hurt. Not me. It wasn't me. It was them."

Here, Iyanla reflects on the patterns passed down from generation to generation and offers some constructive advice to bolster her guests who are unsure of what can be salvaged from their families' pasts: "We either got to pull up the good that's behind us or create it for moving forward."

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