The House Fractures When a Dispute Gives Way to Name-Calling

Season 4 Episode 401
Aired on 09/10/2016 | CC tv-14
With eight women living in close quarters at Iyanla's House of Healing, all working toward the same goal—to get to the root of their "anger" and grow—it's not surprising that occasional conflicts may arise among the housemates.

Jaimeka initiates a group discussion intended on setting ground rules, but when she brings up the alcohol-induced, argumentative behavior of her housemate Alana from the night before, tempers flare. "I do want to say something real quick, and I just want to kind of briefly go over what happened last night," Jaimeka says, addressing the loud altercation that transpired when Gloria confronted Alana about making too much noise when others were trying to sleep. "I don't want us to have that problem again because we all came here to heal."

Jaimeka offers a more candid take on what happened when she's alone, saying, "Alana is drinking three full bottles of wine. You turned-up. You'd think it was Club Alana."

Meanwhile, Alana doesn't believe that her actions were inappropriate, arguing that "it happens" and that the other women should be able to handle it.

Jaimeka reminds Alana that in this particular case, it got "really, really ugly," emphasizing the problem some of the women were having with Alana's behavior. Then, Gloria chimes in, saying to Alana, "All we asked you to do was drop it down a notch so we could sleep," adding that Alana's misbehavior was the direct result of her excessive drinking.

Alana begins to get defensive, saying that she was provoked when a phone was used to record the dispute, and accusing Gloria of trying to report her. "I have no time for b.s. I'm tired of it," Alana later confesses to camera. "There's only so much a woman can take."

The heated discussion devolves into a shouting match among the women, all voicing their opinions on the matter. Finally, Alana has had enough and dismisses her antagonists: "I'm not going to waste my time on some little ratchets; I don't do that."

The use of the derogatory slang term "ratchet" sends Jaimeka into a fury. Gloria does her best to hold Jaimeka back and calm her down, and Jaimeka finally has to walk away from the group to avoid escalating an already volatile situation. She storms upstairs to her room, angrily muttering under her breath.

Later, speaking alone to camera, Jaimeka vents. "I'm not a ratchet," she says, visibly distressed. "I don't want to be called that. I didn't come here for this. I didn't come here to argue with nobody." It hasn't taken long for Jaimeka to find an application for Iyanla's advice from the day before, and she commands herself to breathe deeply as a way of gathering herself.