The Conversation Pulse Shooting Survivors Must Have in Order to Heal

Season 4 Episode 423
Aired on 06/07/2017 | CC tv-pg
A powerful chorus of "Orlando strong" rose up after the 2016 massacre at the Florida city's Pulse nightclub. Like many, Iyanla has deep admiration for the community's strength and support in the aftermath of the mass shooting, but she also urges the six survivors she's working with to honor their pain during the healing process.

"I'm also hoping and praying that people don't put on a strong face and crumble on the inside," Iyanla says. "Sometimes, it's the acknowledging the weakness that leads to the breakthrough."

Although some survivors, like 20-year-old Patience, feel as if they can't afford to "lose focus," Iyanla insists that allowing their buried feelings to surface is an essential step in moving forward. "Give yourself permission to be where you are," she says. "And [have] more conversations, not around what happened, but around where you are with what happened. That's the conversation."

Tune in to see Iyanla's work with these six survivors on the season finale of Iyanla: Fix My Life Saturday, June 3, at 9/8c.

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