The Ancient Lesson Iyanla Learned About Responsibility

Season 3 Episode 311
Aired on 10/11/2014 | CC tv-14
After an emotional exchange between a father of five and his mother, an audience member tells Iyanla the healing experience he witnessed was so intense that he nearly left. Instead, he stayed and realized two things about himself. "I realized that I can sit in a man's seat, but I'm not going to be a real man until I can pick up my phone and have a model to call," he says. "And number two, I just really wanted to acknowledge you because I've been asking God a question for a while now about relationships, and when you spoke, and you and your son spoke, I realized why I have not been able to find my good thing."

Iyanla says that original exchange and the audience member's aha! moment both boil down to one thing: responsibility. It's a lesson Iyanla says her Lakota heritage taught her long ago. "There's only one man. His name is all men. There's only one woman. Her name is all women. There's only one child, and its name is all children," she says. "And we are responsible to look out for each other. To take care of each other. And to hold on to each other."

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