Taryll on His Uncle's and Mother's Deaths

Season 4 Episode 418
Aired on 04/29/2017 | CC tv-pg
In working with Iyanla to heal himself and his relationship, Taryll Jackson has made significant strides, courageously revealing the sexual abuse he endured as a child and consciously acknowledging the pressures of being a member of the famous Jackson family. One more thing that Taryll must confront, however, is the massive guilt he feels over the murder of his mother and the death of his famed uncle Michael.

Speaking about his uncle, Taryll tearfully explains why he struggles so much with the loss. "I don't feel I was there ... as much as he's been there for me," Taryll says of Michael. "I feel bad that he felt that he couldn't reach out to me."

Taryll also harbors intense guilt over his mother's murder. She was killed by her boyfriend, about whom Taryll says he had a "horrible feeling." Yet, Taryll kept his distaste to himself. "He beat her up because he wanted money," Taryll says. "He wanted my mom to ask my uncle, and she wouldn't do it."

This unprocessed pain and loss, coupled with the pressures of being a Jackson, is what Iyanla says has driven a wedge between Taryll and Breana. Nevertheless, Taryll's openness gives Iyanla hope for the couple. "By opening up and standing in his truth, he and Breana may be able to heal their relationship," she says.

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