Hot Boys Rapper Turk Releases Pent-Up Guilt over His Father's Death

Season 4 Episode 422
Aired on 09/30/2017 | CC tv-pg
Hot Boys rapper Turk has experienced various layers of trauma in his life, from his 2004 shootout with police and subsequent incarceration to his wife's devastating cancer diagnosis and intensive treatments. But the 35-year-old's heart first broke long before any of those events. Behind Turk's adult mask is actually a hurt little boy, Iyanla says, who felt abandoned by his alcoholic father.

For decades, Turk has been harboring anger, fear, resentment and guilt over his relationship with his dad, who died in a hit-and-run accident after Turk was released from prison. Here, Iyanla helps the hip-hop artist release all that negative energy, speak his truth and shed the weight that has plagued his life and his marriage.

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