Neffeteria's Powerful No-Makeup Moment

Season 4 Episode 412
Aired on 04/22/2017 | CC tv-pg
Reality star Neffeteria Pugh, Iyanla says, has been hiding beneath her hot-tempered television persona, Neffe, for far too long. So, when Neffeteria asks whether her husband believes in her love for him even without her highly styled, TV-ready exterior, Iyanla suggests that Neffeteria remove her makeup in the spirit of the conversation.

Neffeteria agrees. She goes into a bathroom and peels away her false lashes, wipes away her eyeshadow and lipcolor, and gets rid of her foundation. When she returns to her husband, Shelby, he takes her hands in his.

"This is how I met you," he says. "You don't need all that stuff, Neffe. I fell in love with Neffeteria."

Watch the clip above to see the moment play out. Plus, get an update on Neffeteria and Shelby's marriage after their work on the show ended.

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