Neffeteria and Shelby Clash over Past Violence in Their Marriage

Season 4 Episode 412
Aired on 04/22/2017 | CC tv-pg
Reality stars Neffeteria Pugh and Shelby Lowery have been struggling in their five-year marriage. During Iyanla's one-on-one session with Neffeteria, Iyanla brought up how Neffeteria used to hit Shelby. Furious that the past was resurfacing after she felt they had moved on from it, Neffeteria confronted her husband off camera about divulging this information. There was only one problem: Shelby never brought it up.

In her pre-interview with producers, Neffeteria herself had admitted to hitting Shelby in the past. Even though Iyanla presents Neffeteria with the transcript of her own words, the 37-year-old mother holds on to her anger at Shelby, whom Iyanla continues to defend.

"You said it. You said you've done it," she tells Neffeteria. "So, even if he had said it, why would you get mad at him for telling the truth?"

Neffeteria asserts that it's not "the current truth," but Iyanla isn't having it.

"The past is present here," Iyanla says. "As long as you don't deal with it, the past is present."

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