Nakeda Defends the Married Father of Her Child, but Iyana Isn't Having It

Season 5 Episode 518
Aired on 08/18/2018 | CC
Despite being well into the healing process, Iyanla feels that her guest Nakeda still must face some hard truths about her experience in order to truly move forward. So, Iyanla presents a tough reality to the mother of six, who gave up her five older children to her mother to raise.

"You've never experienced a real man, loving, honoring, respecting you," Iyanla tells Nakeda. "What is the standard that you have to have a baby with a married man when you got five you ain't taking care of? What's that standard?"

Nakeda then becomes defensive, insisting that the married father of her youngest child has done right by them. Iyanla can't believe her ears. "He's cheating on his wife!" she shouts. "This is about you not walking out of here and stepping into the same thing again. If you don't get different, it won't be different."

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