One Mother's Role in Her Lotto-Winning Daughter's Poor Financial Decisions

Season 4 Episode 405
Aired on 10/22/2016 | CC tv-14
Marie Holmes may be a 27-year-old mother of four, but the decisions she has made after winning $188 million in the lottery last year reflect a clear lack of maturity. In her efforts to help Marie get her life back on track, Iyanla sits down with Marie's mother, Fontella, for a candid conversation about the guidance Marie really needs.

Iyanla begins by asking Fontella whether she is aware of her daughter's emotional immaturity. It's an important question, Iyanla feels, because of the magnitude of Marie's post-lottery responsibilities.

"This requires a woman with big drawers on," Iyanla says, gesturing at Marie's massive yet disorganized home. "Have you seen her pool?"

"Yes, ma'am," Fontella replies.

"Have you seen the dirt bikes strewn about the property?"

"Yeah, but if I say something, it's a problem," Fontella says.

The bigger problem, Iyanla tells her, is not saying anything at all. "You the mama. Correct her and direct her, and stand with her and for her," Iyanla says. "She don't have a clue! Your daughter needs you so badly. The depth of her sadness is heartbreaking to me as a mother, and some of that sadness is about you."

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