Monifah to Her Daughter: I See Now That "I Was Emotionally Abusive"

Season 5 Episode 516
Aired on 10/13/2018 | CC tv-14
In their final sit-down with Iyanla, Monifah and her daughter, Akemi, have a clearing conversation about how Monifah's neglectful behavior as a parent affected Akemi in a multitude of ways. And for the first time, Monifah acknowledges a difficult truth. "I emotionally abused you," Monifah says to Akemi.

"I was emotionally abusive," Iyanla says, correcting her phrasing.

"I was emotionally abusive," Monifah says, nodding.

It's a powerful moment for Akemi, who says she needed to hear those words. Then, Iyanla helps Monifah to forgive herself for the feelings and behaviors that caused her to be a neglectful mother, after which the R&B star makes one final promise to her only child. "I just want to say that I'm committed and I'm here, and at your pace," she says.

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