Illysha Doesn't Know the Full Extent of Her Daughter's Sexual Trauma

Season 5 Episode 518
Aired on 08/18/2018 | CC
When Iyanla asks Illysha if she knows of her daughter's sexual trauma as a child—daughter Nakeda was violated by five neighborhood boys at age 12—Illysha says she does. Then, she proceeds to tells Iyanla about a different painful incident with a man the family knew.

"I know that he violated [Nakeda's] body by looking inside of her to see if she was still a virgin," Illysha says. "He was supposed to be coming over to chastise her because I caught her with a boy. And later on, she just looked weird to me. And I was asking her, 'Did [this man] do anything else to you other than whoop you?"

"So, [he] gives her a vaginal check and then beats her," Iyanla says, putting her head in her hands.

"And I had no clue," Illysha says. "Once I did, I called the police."

It becomes clear to Iyanla, who has already heard the story about the five boys from Nakeda, that Illysha was never told about the earlier traumatic event. To confirm, she presses, "So, you don't know what happened to her when she was 12."

Shaking her head, Illysha says no. Knowing now what needs to be done, Iyanla proposes that they bring Nakeda into the conversation.

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