Michael's "Disrespectful" Rant About Lira's Generation Sets Her Off

Season 4 Episode 403
Aired on 09/24/2016 | CC
After the three other male visitors in the House of Healing have the opportunity to speak their truth about their issues with "angry" black women, it's Michael's turn. The 46-year-old musician begins his session by addressing why women find him "weird," but then he singles out 22-year-old Lira and other women her age in an unrelated rant.

"This generation right now, people in their 20s, y'all making it hard on these brothers," Michael says, gesturing toward the younger men behind him. "Everything has to be about status. We got to buy this, even if we can't afford it. And then y'all on Instagram—beautiful—and you're talking like you don't have no daddy. You sound like a dude talking, like you ain't got no home training. ... And you say you're a bad bitch? That's not a bad bitch."

Michael insists he's speaking in generalities, but Lira, who has 2.9 million followers on Instagram alone, takes personal offense. Visibly annoyed, she brushes her hair out of her face, which prompts Michael to mock her.

"Girl, you 22 years old, you doing this," he says sardonically. "You having hot flashes?"

"Yes, it's hot," Lira responds flatly.

"Michael, that's disrespectful," Iyanla says, calling him out on his flip comment.

When he defends himself, tensions mount and things get more heated. It's more than Lira can take, and she storms off. Watch the clip above to see the scene play out and hear how Iyanla coaxes the social media star back into the room.

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