Michael McCary of Boyz II Men Fame Sums Up His Feelings About His Former Group Members

Season 4 Episode 408
Aired on 10/29/2016 | CC tv-14
Many people know him as Mike Bass of Boyz II Men, but this 44-year-old singer has joined Iyanla's House of Healing to address who he is as Michael McCary—the person, not the performer.

The big issue that Michael struggles with in his personal identity is a sense of abandonment, which he experienced in 2003 when he and Boyz II Men parted ways after more than two decades together.

"If I had to sum up what I got from my brothers in Boyz II Men, I would have to say betrayal, a broken bond," he says. "I mean, at this point, we don't even talk."

Like all the men in the House of Healing, Michael's struggle represents something much larger than just one man's issue, Iyanla says.

"The abandonment that Michael McCary feels over his relationship with Boyz II Men is part of a pattern in the black community," she explains. "All too often, men abandon women or fathers abandon children, creating an endless cycle of broken hearts."

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