Michael McCary: "My Kids Helped Me Through My Depression"

Season 4 Episode 409
Aired on 11/05/2016 | CC tv-14
As he struggled with a secret chronic illness, marital issues with his wife, and mounting tension with his fellow members in Boyz II Men, singer Michael McCary says he tried to hold himself together for one reason: his children.

"Best times of my life was having my kids around me. My kids helped me through my depression," Michael says during a group session in the House of Healing. "That's what made me get up every single day, even though I ain't feeling like doing anything."

Michael says his relationship with his children has changed for the worse in the last seven years, however, since he and his wife divorced. "I've not been a father anymore," Michael says. "I'm just a man with kids."

Dr. Steve Perry, who is visiting the House of Healing to work with the men, offers Michael and the rest of the houseguests an important perspective on accountability. "Every day that you're not with those kids is one more day of hurt and hate that you're looking at," he says. "I'm not here to judge anybody, but it is important that we hold ourselves accountable as we work towards this idea of integrity. Ain't nobody promised tomorrow. Be that person today."

Another lesson on fatherhood:
Dr. Steve Perry explains what it really means to have integrity as a father

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