Matilda to Iyanla: "I've Realized That You're Not Against Me"

Season 5 Episode 514
Aired on 09/22/2018 | CC
After several intense days of working with—and arguing with—Iyanla, her formerly incarcerated guest Matilda has finally come around to the life coach and her unorthodox approach to healing.

"I've realized that you're not against me," Matilda says, smiling.

"Go figure!" Iyanla laughs. "I told you the other day: 'I give you permission to be mad at me.' What I didn't tell you is that I'm going to fight for your life, even if it means I have to fight you to get it."

Here, Iyanla guides Matilda as she experiences a breakthrough. Plus, get updates on Matilda, Brandi and Taii's progress after leaving Iyanla: Fix My Life and see how they're applying the tools that Iyanla gave them.

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