Lira Galore Reveals Details About Her Teen Pregnancy "Mistake"

Season 4 Episode 403
Aired on 09/24/2016 | CC tv-14
Each woman in the House of Healing has been challenged to confront her painful truth out loud, and for Lira, that means starting an open and honest conversation about her parents—specifically, her absent father.

As Lira reveals in the clip above, her parents were both young when she was born, and her father was too "immature" to handle the responsibility of being a parent. His absence was particularly difficult for Lira when he began a second family. "My dad lived three stoplights away from me, and he didn't come and see me because he married a white woman and he was playing daddy to her kids," she says.

Young and eager for someone to love her, Lira began seeking attention elsewhere, and her risky behavior led to an unintended consequence.

"I made a mistake at 14," she says tearfully. "I became sexually active, and my first time, I got pregnant."

For Lira, that moment was an opportunity for her father to step up and be a part of her life. However, the opposite occurred, leaving a teenage Lira heartbroken. "That was his chance to prove to me that he loved me, and he completely disowned me," she says.

Although this experience has made Lira believe that most men are cold, distant and unreliable, her work in the House of Healing has helped the 22-year-old realize that forgiveness is a crucial part of her journey. "I do have to forgive him," Lira says of her father. "Miss Iyanla told me, until I do, I'll run into men just like him."

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