Lira Galore on Her Toxic Engagement to Rick Ross

Season 4 Episode 401
Aired on 09/10/2016 | CC
Internet sensation and former stripper Lira Galore joins the House of Healing, where Iyanla seeks to dispel the myth of the angry black woman. Lira's brief and toxic engagement to rap superstar Rick Ross left her bitter and angry at the young age of 22. Iyanla sits down with Lira to address the trust issues she developed after her former fiancé's repeated betrayals, and to examine the emotional impact wrought by her past as a stripper.

"What was your biggest problem in your relationship with that man?" Iyanla says.

"Being naïve. Listening to anything I was being told," Lira says.

"You ignored your intuition as a woman?" Iyanla says.


"Do you know how you learn that, Miss Lira?" Iyanla asks. "I'm going to say something to you, and I'm not saying it to be disrespectful. You learn to do that on the pole. Because on the pole it wasn't about you, was it? And how does that make you feel now?"

"Very embarrassed," Lira says, her eyes welling up with tears.

Iyanla warns Lira that her path to healing will be an arduous one, but she promises to be there for her every step of the way. "I'll never hurt you. I'll never compromise your dignity. And when it gets hard, I won't leave you," Iyanla says. "But I'm going to push you because I'm fighting for your life."