Lira Gives Voice to Her Inner "Hurt Little Girl" Who Was Abandoned by Her Father

Season 4 Episode 404
Aired on 10/01/2016 | CC
Although Lira has been making great progress in the House of Healing, Iyanla feels that the 22-year-old social media star must give voice to the "hurt little girl" within herself before she can truly heal. So, Iyanla invites Lira to participate in a role-playing exercise with 46-year-old Michael, a visitor to the House of Healing, who will stand in as Lira's father.

For years, Lira has struggled with the pain that comes from her father's abandonment. Facing Michael, who admits he's been somewhat absent in the lives of his own 20-year-old daughters, Lira unleashes a decade's worth of emotions in the form of forgiveness.

"I forgive you for not being a father. I forgive you for leaving me when I needed you the most. I forgive you for robbing me of my innocence. I forgive you for abandoning me," she says, pausing to cry. "I forgive you for not protecting me. I forgive you for not letting me be a daddy's girl. I forgive you for not letting me love you. I forgive you for not giving me love. I forgive you for playing daddy to children that were not yours. I forgive you for forgetting about me."

Then, it's Michael's turn to speak as Lira's father. Prompted by Iyanla, he repeats the words that Lira needs to hear.

"I love you," he says. "I am so, so sorry that you had to look for my love in the bed with other men."

At this point, the exercise becomes too overwhelming for Lira, and she instinctively tries to walk away. With Iyanla's encouragement, however, Lira stays and sits in her pain. She then confronts her father's absence with a measured calmness.

Watch above as Lira empowers herself by asking four questions of her father that have long gone unanswered. Plus, watch how Michael and another House of Healing visitor comfort Lira in a moment of overwhelming sorrow.

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