Koro Makes an Emotional Plea to the Women: Don't View Black Men as the Enemy

Season 4 Episode 403
Aired on 09/24/2016 | CC tv-14
As the women in the House of Healing work through the issues at the heart of their inappropriate behavior, Koro, one of the male guests that Iyanla has invited to the house, makes the point that black women aren't the only ones labeled as angry.

"You want to think you're mad? I'm mad too," the 33-year-old says to the assembled women. "There's a lot of anger inside of me. What about us? Black women talk about, 'Me, me, me.' What about us black men? We go through stuff too. ... We have a lot in common."

Koro says the reason he doesn't date black women isn't because he finds them "angry." It's because the black women he's encountered don't want to talk to him because of their issues with other men.

"You have this imaginary wall around you. I don't know who damaged you. And me being a black man, I have to suffer for what somebody did to you? That has nothing to do with me," Koro says, his voice breaking. "I'm not the enemy. I get that a lot from black women, that we're the enemy. We're liars. Cheaters. We're dogs."

On the flip side, Koro continues, any sensitivity and gentleness black men display around black women is held against them. "I have a journal I keep," he says. "When I show this side to women, they think it's a weakness. It's not a weakness. It's actually a strength."

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