Kevin McCall and His Mother Have a Long-Overdue Conversation

Season 4 Episode 410
Aired on 11/12/2016 | CC tv-14
One of the conversations every man can benefit from, according to Iyanla, is a deep, candid conversation with his mother. Singer/songwriter Kevin McCall, for example, has recently discovered how witnessing anger and violence in his childhood has resulted in his inability to manage his emotions as an adult. Now, it's time for Kevin to confront the past in a face-to-face discussion with his mom, Linda.

When Linda arrives at the House of Healing, she and Kevin sit down to work through their issues and better understand each other. After addressing the fact that Linda once took out a restraining order against Kevin out of fear that he presented a threat to her, Kevin tells Linda where he learned such behavior: her.

"I saw you do it to Dad," Kevin says. "I remember one time you threw a knife at him, and it went past my face and went in the door."

With coaching from Iyanla, Linda expresses how it makes her feel to hear her son say that he learned his inappropriate behavior by watching her. "It makes me feel that you are focusing on me before my growth," Linda says. "I know I get angry. I did something about it: I got a relationship with the Lord, I read books, I learned what triggers my anger, and I learned coping skills that help me to diffuse so I don't go off like that. I've grown, but I do regret that you saw that."

Then, in an emotional moment, both mother and son ask each other for forgiveness for their behavior, embracing and letting go of the hurt and anger that was once between them.

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