Kamiyah Goes Off on Iyanla and Her Crew

Season 5 Episode 501
Aired on 03/03/2018 | CC tv-14
In order to trigger Kamiyah into expressing her pain and feelings, Iyanla tells the young woman that there's been a change of plan in the healing process: Kamiyah will not be returning home for the night in between shoots, and her family has been instructed not to answer the phone if Kamiyah calls to ask for a ride.

The idea of an unexpected overnight stay infuriates Kamiyah, who hurls a string of expletives at Iyanla. The seasoned life coach remains unfazed and turns her attention to Kamiyah's birth father, Craig, who has stepped in to play peacemaker.

"The words don't bother me," Iyanla tells Craig. "What bothers me is that that's inside of her and nobody is addressing it, Daddy."

Moments later, Kamiyah's aggressive behavior prompts Iyanla to raise her hands and calmly declare, "I'm out."