Iyanla on a "Critical Issue" for Black Men

Season 4 Episode 418
Aired on 04/29/2017 | CC tv-pg
Taryll Jackson may be a part of the famous Jackson family, but he is in the middle of a breakdown that's incredibly common among couples from all walks of life. Like many others, Taryll and his girlfriend, Breana, "have lost the essence, the core, of why they came together," Iyanla says, and "have lost pieces and parts of themselves in the process."

Sitting down with Taryll and Breana, Iyanla explains to them that there's more at stake than just their relationship. "I'm here because you, as an African-American man, have fathered two children, two black men, and unless you know who you are, there's no way they will know who they are," Iyanla tells Taryll.

Turning to Breana, she continues, "I'm here because you are raising somebody's husband and somebody's father, and you are teaching them not only how to treat women but what to expect from women. And that is a critical issue on the planet at this time for black men."

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