Iyanla's Unexpected Exercise Startles Her Guests

Season 5 Episode 519
Aired on 08/25/2018 | CC
To show a mother and three daughters how easy it is for people to experience the same event but come away with different ideas of what happened, Iyanla organizes a surprise exercise that catches the women off-guard.

Iyanla begins by speaking to the unsuspecting women about how differing perspectives don't mean someone's wrong versus right when, suddenly, an air horn chimes and chaos erupts. Iyanla's guests shriek as several Fix My Life staffers burst into the kitchen, making noises and running through the space frantically.

After less than 30 seconds, the kitchen clears out and Iyanla smiles. "Tell me what you saw," she says to each of the women, handing them pieces of paper. The results are eye-opening.

"All of y'all are on the same side of the table, had the exact same experience and saw something different," Iyanla sums up. "It's all about people's perception and interpretation."

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