Iyanla's "Reality Check" for a Woman Who Just Wants Her Mommy

Season 5 Episode 508
Aired on 03/24/2018 | CC tv-14
Kizzy is a 38-year-old woman who has never had a relationship with her mother, Leronda. For Kizzy's entire childhood, Leronda was absent from her life, feeding her crack addiction as Kizzy's grandmother raised the girl. Now, however, Kizzy is desperate to have a relationship with her mother—she wants them to be close enough to talk on the phone, lean on each other and go out together for a bite to eat. It's a nice vision, Iyanla admits, but it isn't realistic.

"You need to look at her, and I want you to say this and get it out of your system. Say it to her: 'I want my mommy,'" Iyanla prompts Kizzy.

"I want my mommy," Kizzy says, crying.

Leronda answers, "And I love you, and I want a relationship with you. I want to hear what you're going through and give my advice, what I think or whatever. I'll be going through something myself; I can share that with you."

"Does that sound like something you want?" Iyanla asks Kizzy gently.

"Yes," Kizzy says.

"Well, let me tell you you'll never get it. Not from her."

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