Iyanla's Guests Receive a "Summons" to Stand Trial in the Court of Life

Season 5 Episode 513
Aired on 09/15/2018 | CC
When the doorbell rings in the middle of a conversation between Iyanla and her three guests, Iyanla puts everything on pause to answer it. Guests Matilda, Brandi and Taii—all formerly incarcerated women—look bewildered and nervous when a man shows up wearing what appears to be a police badge. He reads a "summons" ordering each of the women to defend themselves against various offenses, like "felonious misrepresentation of self" and "self-degradation, first degree."

Iyanla then explains that this is part of an exercise. "I'm going to summon you into court. The Court of Life," she tells the women. "[This is] for you to defend yourself against those charges and tell me why you shouldn't be sentenced to powerlessness and misery and degradation for the rest of your life."

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