Iyanla Voices Concerns Over What a Pulse Survivor Sees as His Purpose

Season 4 Episode 423
Aired on 06/07/2017 | CC tv-pg
After being caught in the middle of the deadly massacre at Pulse nightclub last year, survivors like Christopher and Orlando have found themselves wondering why their lives were spared when 49 others perished. Orlando, who was a promoter at Pulse, believes he survived the attack because he is meant to be a voice for the dead—a noble mission, but one that Iyanla also finds concerning.

"That's fine to be the voice, but then you also have to have your life," she tells Orlando. "Because the interviews and the documentaries and the vigils and the fundraising—that's for others."

Orlando admits that participating in countless Pulse-related events can take its toll, but he says he's happy to fulfill what he sees as his reason for being alive: making sure the dead are not forgotten.

Iyanla offers an additional consideration. "I want you to really consider the distinction between being a voice for the dead and a voice to the living," she says. "What do the living people need to hear? Particularly about the LGBTQ Latin community here in Orlando. What do they need? That's the distinction between being a voice for the dead—'Don't forget them, don't forget them'—and a voice to the living."

"You're more than a survivor of the Pulse massacre," Iyanla continues. "You're more than that."

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