Iyanla to Laura Govan: Stop Calling Gilbert Arenas Your Ex

Season 4 Episode 419
Aired on 05/27/2017 | CC tv-pg
Former Basketball Wives L.A. star Laura Govan is stuck in the middle of a public custody battle with her children's father, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas. Laura has turned to Iyanla to help her find peace within herself so she can break free from this toxic relationship, and Iyanla believes that the first step is for Laura to stop referring to Gilbert as her ex.

"Let's start creating a vocabulary that serves and honors you," Iyanla tells Laura. "He ain't your ex. That's your children's father."

The distinction is an important one, Iyanla continues. "As your ex, you've got certain expectations of him, certain heats on him, certain judgments, certain unhealed things," she says. "But as your children's father, you only have a responsibility and a role. And we can craft that, and you can live that."

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