Iyanla on Healing: "Look at Your Broken Places"

Season 3 Episode 312
Aired on 10/18/2014 | CC
After supporting men who've fathered multiple children with different women, the mothers of these children, and the sons and daughters born into these broken relationships, Iyanla concludes the discussion where it began—with healing. "That is where the healing is going to start. You've got to look at your broken places," she says. "Then, understand where that break is bleeding into your life. Because if you've got a break, it's bleeding somewhere."

Once you've identified the break, Iyanla says you must do the surgery. "The way you do that surgery is tell the truth about what you feel—not about what they did or what happened," she says. "Stop pointing fingers and blaming about what people did and didn't do."

Watch the above video to see Iyanla's final thoughts on forgiveness.

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