Iyanla Explains How to Parent an Adult Child

Season 5 Episode 503
Aired on 03/10/2018 | CC tv-14
As a mother and a life coach, Iyanla is well aware that parenting a young son is quite different from parenting an adult male. It requires an important shift in behavior and perspective, which, she says, parents like Francis Wright—mother to former hip-hop music executive Mickey "Memphitz" Wright—must understand in order to have a healthy mother-son relationship.

"There's nothing more devastating to a son than disappointing his mother," Iyanla says. "So, when you impose your position and your views and your perspective on him, you usurp his own ideas. So now, it's no longer about him following his plan or his vision; it's about him doing what's required so he doesn't disappoint you."

Iyanla suggests that Francis take on a different role. "You have to be now the elder wise woman, counselor, coach, friend to him," she says. "And one of the things wise women do is they give insight, not advice, not even correctional criticism. You've got to give up your opinions."