Iyanla: "Black Women Are the Anchors of Our Community"

Season 4 Episode 415
Aired on 05/06/2017 | CC tv-pg
Iyanla Vanzant receives thousands of letters from people in search of healing, yet one woman's cry for help recently stood out among all the others. Kisha wrote to Iyanla in an effort to fix the brokenness and dysfunction among her, her five sisters and their mother. The women may be related by blood, but they certainly don't act like family—they haven't even been in the same room together in 19 years.

The reason Iyanla chose these women to appear on Iyanla: Fix My Life, she says, is because their fundamental troubles are both common among other families and personal to Iyanla as a mother herself. "Black women are the anchors of our community," Iyanla says. "I chose your family because, as a mother who lost a daughter, I know what it's like not to get to rectify or mend your relationship with your daughter. You never know when something's going to happen."

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