Iyanla Uses "Daughter Dollars" to Show How Monifah Failed to Invest in Akemi

Season 5 Episode 516
Aired on 10/13/2018 | CC
Iyanla firmly believes that there is a cause for every effect; nothing is random. For R&B star Monifah and her daughter, Akemi, a pattern of brokenness has been rooted in their lives—and the only way to heal from it is to identify it. So, Iyanla conducts an eye-opening exercise using "daughter dollars" to illustrate the pathology of the dysfunction that Monifah and Akemi struggle with today.

"Daughter dollars you get based on the investment that your mother made in you," Iyanla explains. "And then your daughter dollars become your mommy money. And your mommy money is like what you get for your children."

Iyanla then pays Monifah and Akemi in daughter dollars based on how they answer a series of questions about how they were raised. Monifah rakes in the daughter dollars while Akemi's pile lags behind, painfully illustrating for Monifah how she failed to invest in Akemi the way Monifah's mother invested in Monifah. It's a sobering moment for the singer/songwriter. "I'm learning," she says tearfully. "I'm seeing things differently, you know?"

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