Iyanla Urges Kamiyah to Confront the Pain of Her Kidnapping

Season 5 Episode 501
Aired on 03/03/2018 | CC
When Kamiyah Mobley was just 8 hours old, a woman named Gloria Williams abducted her from the hospital and raised her as her own child for 18 years until the secret came to light. Although Kamiyah's birth parents harbor long-held anger toward their daughter's abductor, Kamiyah still loves Gloria, who is now in jail for her crime.

The situation has left Kamiyah conflicted and struggling with her identity. Here, Iyanla urges the young woman to talk through her feelings, but Kamiyah dismisses the idea—spurring Iyanla to issue a gentle warning about what's to come if Kamiyah continues along this path of "avoidance and denial."

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