Iyanla Uncovers Hazel-E's Childhood Trauma

Season 5 Episode 515
Aired on 04/14/2018 | CC tv-14
Long before she became the polarizing figure publicly known as Hazel-E, Arica Adams was just a little girl being raised by a young mother, desperate to find some stability in her home life. Arica says she was violated as a child when two women—who happened to have dark skin—forced her to have a sexual encounter with another little girl.

This revelation, Iyanla says, sheds light on Arica's racist rants about women with darker skin tones. "Her behavior towards dark-skinned black women is the result of the trauma she suffered when she was just a little girl," Iyanla explains.

What's more, Arica's mother, Angela, appears to brush off her daughter's molestation. "For me, that's a long time ago," Angela says. "I didn't remember."

This response doesn't sit well with Iyanla, who challenges Angela's claim that she forgot. "How the hell you don't remember?" she shouts.

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