Iyanla Tries to Break Through a Betrayed Wife's Numbness

Season 4 Episode 406
Aired on 10/08/2016 | CC tv-14
When Thelisha Henry's husband of 19 years had a baby outside of their marriage, she completely shut down—a fact she readily admits during a one-on-one session with Iyanla. Now, Iyanla pushes Thelisha in an attempt to break through her fog and make sure she fully understands the situation in which she finds herself.

"Your husband brought home a baby! Hello! He'd better be glad he's still got his pieces and parts in the places that God put 'em," Iyanla says sharply. "What did that do to you?"

Thelisha says she was "crushed" by the betrayal. Then, she says something that stops Iyanla in her tracks. "She would call, and he told me—"

"She who?" Iyanla interrupts.

"The mother," Thelisha says. "[She called] on his cell phone."

Again, Iyanla delivers a strong reaction. "If some broad shows up talking about she's sleeping with my man, we got to have a conversation," she says.

When Thelisha says that she did have a conversation with Dwight, Iyanla points out that this isn't what she was talking about. "You don't have the conversation with the owner of a penis about where the penis been," Iyanla says.

Thelisha then says that her conversation with Dwight led him to cry and storm out of the house (something he does often). When he returned, Thelisha says, Dwight was high, and soon after that incident, his drinking escalated. Now, the Henry family is in breakdown.

After listening to Thelisha's story, Iyanla quietly asks her a poignant question. "Do you love him?"

"I love him," Thelisha says, "but I'm not in love with him anymore."

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