Iyanla to Vakhara: "You Are an Abused Woman"

Season 4 Episode 426
Aired on 11/04/2017 | CC tv-14
After spending several days with couples whose marriages are in crisis, Iyanla has come to a concerning realization about one of her guests: Lamar is emotionally abusive toward his wife, Vakhara.

While speaking with Vakhara about Lamar's recent behavior, Iyanla expresses her concern. "There was no apology for the way he treated you this morning. He's staking his claim and doing what he wants to do his way," she says. "You realize it was abusive?"

"Emotionally, it is," Vakhara acknowledges. "It's emotional abuse."

"I'm very sensitive to that, as a woman that's been physically, emotionally, psychologically abused," Iyanla says. "I recognize it."