Iyanla Takes Over a Heated Family Intervention

Season 3 Episode 308
Aired on 10/10/2015 | CC tv-14
Anivia is a former model who is in trouble—her obsession with butt injections has destroyed her health and left her life in danger. However, Iyanla says her issues go much deeper than just the physical.

Wanting to get to the core of the problem, Iyanla meets with Anivia's family, who tell her that Anivia is a "bully." To get through some of these deep-seated issues, Iyanla plans a "womanhood intervention" with Anivia and her family. "These women need to purge the feelings that have kept them apart."

Each member of the family has a confession to make. However, things soon take a dramatic turn after the family shares some painfully honest words. Watch the above video as Anivia fights back—forcing Iyanla to take control.

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